Workers’ Compensation

MasterPay USA has partnered with InsureLinx to offer an unequaled “Pay As You Go” workers’ compensation program. InsurePay is agent-friendly and designed to automate and streamline the processing of your insurance premium payments, debiting premium payments directly from your bank account and automatically remitting to your carrier each pay period.

Benefits of InsurePay

  • Reduced or Eliminated Down Payments. Typical deposits range between 20% – 50% of Total Estimated premium.
  • Better Cash Management. Employers typically overestimate their premiums which results in overpayments to carriers.
  • Premiums are based on Actual payrolls versus Estimates. What more is there to say?
  • Reduced Risk of Unfavorable Audit. Traditionally, employers are completely unaware of what is going to be due at their final premium audit. (We call this “Audit Anxiety”)
  • No more Checks to Write. You no longer need to write checks to the carrier with our automatic ACH processing, which is completely transparent and available for viewing 24/7.
  • Multiple Carriers with Competitive Rates. With over 20 carrier partners, we are determined to get you the most competitive rates with the most appropriate carrier.
  • Nationwide Coverage. Licensed in all states with exception to the monopolistic states (OH, ND, WA, WY). These states control the distribution of workers’ compensation and do not allow competitive carriers to offer coverage.

Every time you run a payroll, we send your data to your carrier.  You receive an email notice/invoice of the premium due for each payroll cycle.


What do you need to obtain a quote for my company?  Typically, we only need:

  • Name of Applicant
  • Contact Person Name, Phone & Email Address (if available)
  • FEIN (Federal Employer Identifi cation Number) or SSN (if sole proprietor)
  • Description of Operations / Any other info you feel is relevant
  • Years in Business
  • Any previous loss history
  • Breakdown of Estimated Annual Payroll by Class Code or Job Description
  • Name of current Carrier (with approved carriers, we may be able to take over your existing policy)
  • Copy of Existing Policy Declaration Pages (if previous coverage was in force)

How long does it typically take to get a quote?  This varies by industry and by carrier. Many risks can be quoted within 24-48 hours after receipt of all the information required. More complex construction, manufacturing and trucking accounts require additional underwriting and may take a few extra days.

What if I have Workers’ Compensation through another payroll company? In many cases we can take over the existing policy with an AOR letter (Agent of Record) requesting the carrier change the current agent.

Why is there still a Final Premium Audit on InsurePay policies? This varies by carrier and by state. It is a carrier requirement to perform some type of audit. In many cases you simply confirm our reports, others require a physical site visit.