Simplifying Payroll

About Us

Based in Southwest Florida, our roots run deep throughout the payroll service industry. With industry veterans managing our award-winning payroll software, our focus has always been the end result— developing a business system that makes your payroll process more efficient.

We see the Software-as-a-Service model (SaaS) as the trend of the future of business applications. In our view, software is the tool that drives the business process, not the product that we offer. We carefully selected our platform and structure to be agile and accommodating to meet the demands in the market now and into the future.

MasterPay USA believes that we have an outstanding solution to keep your payroll running smoothly as the competitive landscape of your business continues to change. We think you’ll agree.

When it comes to managing employees, nothing is more important than making sure their paycheck is delivered accurately and in a timely manner. With MasterPay USA, you and your employees can rest easy knowing they are being handled on the industry’s leading payroll and tax engine.