Employee Portal

Employees today are accustomed to accessing their payroll, HR, benefits and other employment data online. Offering an online Employee Portal for your employees can help fulfill that expectation while having the added benefit of creating workflow efficiencies.

Access and update employee data.

Our Employee Portal offers the ability for your employees to access data online, making it more convenient for the employee and reducing the number of requests to payroll and HR.

  • corporate-portalACCESS PAY DATA:Employees can access and print paystubs and W-2s, a time-saving feature at tax time.
  • REDUCE PAPER: The ability for employees to access paystubs online can mean a reduction in printed paystubs for employees with direct deposit, saving time and the costs of paper, ink and postage.
  • TIME OFF ACCRUALS: The Employee Portal provides access to current vacation, sick and personal time accrual balances.
  • UPDATE INFORMATION: Employees can update their personal information as changes occur so their contact information is always current.
  • MOBILE ENABLED: Employees can access the portal via their smart phones and tablets.

At a time when businesses are looking to do more with less to remain competitive, you will appreciate the efficiency of our Employee Portal.