Full Service Payroll

Simply Provide Employee Hours and We Take Care of the Rest

PaycheckConfL2Just fax, email or submit hours on-line to your dedicated account executive and we’ll take it from there. You can even opt to use our web-based timekeeping system to automate this process.

We will handle your migration from other payroll systems, including setup of all employee and prior period payroll data.

With unlimited Location, Department, Group and Job options, it’s easy to accommodate payroll and reconciliation for any company structure. Whether it’s a simple payroll for a small company or a complex payroll for a large company with multiple pay frequencies, our system provides the features, flexibility, and best practices to handle nearly any payroll you throw at it, regardless of complexity or uniqueness.

Check Distribution Options

  • We will print and send checks and direct deposit records to your office(s) or directly to employees’ homes.
  • Or, for instant-issue capabilities, you can print checks on-site.
  • Direct deposit to bank account or paycard (with multiple accounts per employee).
  • Wage garnishment payments, including electronic child support remittance.
  • Third-party payments processed for 401(k) providers and other employee deductions.
  • Employees can access their own payroll information securely and conveniently: viewing their personal profile, maintaining address information, and viewing/printing pay statements and W-2’s/1099’s.

Comprehensive Functions

  • Calculations for all 50 states and localities, DC, and Puerto Rico. 
  • Multiple pay schedules; multiple checks for an employee per pay period; multiple withholding states per employee; multiple unemployment states per employer.
  • Multiple locations and departments.
  • Unlimited user-defined pay types.
  • Contractor (1099-MISC) payrolls.
  • Pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation program automates premium calculations and virtually eliminates year-end audit liabilities.
  • Social security number verification via the SSA.
  • Allocate payroll expenses by job.
  • Employee paid time off accruals and tracking.
  • Predefined and customizable deductions, including:
    • Precise allocation of multiple garnishments, with electronic payment of child support.
    • Employer match contributions for 401(k), 403(b), and Simple IRA, with multi-tiered 401(k)/403(b) employer match.

Extensive Reporting

We offer a complete set of sophisticated compliance and management reports, all of which can be exported to Excel or RTF formats.

  • Payroll reports for analyzing particular payrolls, including Payroll Register, Payroll Comparison (current-previous), Tax Analysis and Deposit Liability report, and reports on deductions and direct deposit.
  • Compliance Reports for analyzing quarterly federal and state obligations, including withholding and unemployment summaries, along with a tax liability and deposits report.
  • Employer Reports for analyzing various aspects of the company, including Check Register, Retirement Contributions, Worker’s Compensation, for computing premiums due, General Ledger, and Job Costing.
  • Employee Reports for analyzing personal or payroll information on employees, including Payroll Summary by Employee, Hours Worked, Accruable Benefits, and New Hires, Employee Earnings by Type.

Compliance Management

MasterPay USA handles all compliance for you- Federal, State and Local. Once a payroll is finalized, tax liabilities are impounded for payment when they’re due, breaking down larger tax liabilities into more manageable installments.

Any payroll tax notices are addressed on your behalf with the issuing agencies, eliminating hours of unproductive wait time.

Tax payments and forms are prepared and filed by our experts and copies of all returns are provided for your records.

We will even take care of your year-end W-2 and 1099 filing with the State, IRS and Social Security Administration, as well as production and distribution to your staff.